Both Castroneves and his peers thankful he’s OK after Wednesday flip


Helio Castroneves is one lucky individual after emerging OK from today’s accident where his car went airborne after a simple spin through Turn 1.

Here is Castroneves’ quote released to media:

“The car was good and I am very blessed. Unfortunately I still do not understand what happened. I got loose in turn one and spun out. The good news is the impact wasn’t very strong and the landing was smooth as well. In all aspects, I have to say I was very lucky there was no big shunt. The accident was most impressive, but the good news is I am feeling very good. This just set us back one day since it is Wednesday. The good news is we still have Thursday and Friday before qualifying. I’m counting on my guys, my boys, to put the car back together and go back to work.”

Team owner Roger Penske added this:

“It looks like the car got backwards, air got underneath it and the car flipped. He’s just resting in there. Not an issue. No broken bones. Nothing. He’s alert. In fact, I talked to him right after he hit the ground. He’ll be fine. We’re playing with new areas from the aerodynamic standpoint, and of course, going backwards at that speed, you don’t know what kind of lift it had. But obviously, it got airborne which we were surprised (about). We’ll take a good look at it. We wouldn’t run that car (again). We’ll run a backup car.”

Here are some reactions from other drivers on social media in the wake of the accident: