Abiteboul: No need for Renault and Red Bull to split

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Renault Sport managing director Cyril Abiteboul does not think that there is any reason for the “marriage” between the French manufacturer and Red Bull to end despite suffering a difficult start to the 2015 Formula 1 season.

Renault’s power units have proven to be particularly unreliable in the first five races of the year, causing five retirements and a number of other issues for Red Bull and its sister team, Toro Rosso.

The difficulties faced by the teams have prompted Red Bull to issue multiple quit threats as speculation about a possible link-up with Audi continues to grow.

Speaking to the official Formula 1 website, Abiteboul explained how there is a lack of correlation between the off-track simulations and the on-track experience.

“On the dyno the engines are reliable, but when we come on track they are not,” the Frenchman explained.

“Obviously there is something wrong in our validation process, from dyno to track. There is something we need to investigate.

“It’s just like aerodynamics, when the wind tunnel is not telling the truth. It’s exactly the same in the engine world.

“Maybe we flattered ourselves on the back of very good results with Red Bull for years, to think that we are controlling everything, but maybe there was some form of beast in the shadows, hiding. And we need to hide that beast now.”

However, Abiteboul sees no reason for Renault and Red Bull to part company over the current difficulties, believing that it is simply a case of riding out the storm.

“We are living through a tough moment,” Abiteboul said. “This marriage has all the reason in the world to last. So we have to do a better job on-track, but we also have to a better job off-track.”