Hembery: Pirelli will not allow open compound choices


Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery has rejected the idea of allowing teams to make their own tire compound choices in Formula 1, saying that the Italian manufacturer would not be willing to work with the sport if this were the case.

As part of a continued drive to try and improve ‘the show’ in F1, the idea of allowing teams to use any of the four compounds for races – super-soft, soft, medium and hard – was raised last week.

Currently, Pirelli brings the two most suitable compounds to races for the teams to use based on both the pace of the tire and the aggression of the circuit that is being raced on.

Speaking to MotorSportsTalk following the Spanish Grand Prix, Hembery made clear that Pirelli would not entertain the idea of open compound selection, believing that it could pose a safety risk.

“No, we’re not going to be doing that, it would be a no,” Hembery said. “You can’t because you’d have some idiots making decisions to run things to try and get performance.

“If it was 50 degrees like today and they were on super-softs, you’d have a car sat in the garage with either no tires left or tires breaking on the track.

“It will never be the team that chose the wrong tires, it will be Pirelli’s fault. We can’t have that, but we’re always willing to look for change if change is needed.

“You need to understand why you want to make a change and we’ll come up with something.”

Pirelli’s current contract to supply tires to Formula 1 expires at the end of the 2016 season, and is in the process of testing an 18-inch rim design as a possible part of the new technical regulations that are being planned for 2017.