Report: Knockout qualifying coming to Red Bull GRC


Knockout qualifying – which has taken hold in Formula 1, IndyCar and NASCAR – is now coming to Red Bull Global Rallycross.

Specifics are still to be officially revealed, but per the series’ website, it’s set to be introduced for 2015.

Joey Mancari, Red Bull GRC’s vice president of competition, explained the game plan.

“What we’ll do is put two to three groups, depending on car count, out for three to five minute sessions for the first round of qualifying. Then we’ll take the fastest six cars out of the first round of qualifying and put them into the second round for the top six starting position selections,” Mancari told the Red Bull GRC website.

It is expected for the May 31 Fort Lauderdale season opener that with GRC Supercars fields of 16 cars or less, the field will be split into two groups at 5 minutes each for the first race. If the Supercars field increases to 17 or more, it could become a three group first round.

The season opens in a couple weeks at Fort Lauderdale.