Red Bull GRC drivers Sandell, Heinricher featured in new “Danger Zone” music video (VIDEO)


This isn’t necessarily a 100 percent accurate preview of what you’ll be seeing in the upcoming Red Bull Global Rallycross season (on NBC), but it is a case of GRC drivers and pop culture coming together in a music video a little more than week ahead of the season opener.

Supercars veteran Patrik Sandell and GRC Lites driver Jackie Heinricher (more on her to come to MotorSportsTalk in the coming days) shift gears from their usual day jobs at a track and find themselves in a new adrenaline-based world: the music industry.

The two of them are in a pair of cars, featured in Lauren Mayhew and Noah Kickback’s new EDM single, “Danger Zone” (Dwayne/Lynn production). The two face off on separate teams in a desert drag-race a la ‘Fast and the Furious.’

“Working with Red Bull Global RallyCross was such an awesome opportunity! The control that Patrik and Jackie had while they were drifting was insane!” Mayhew said in a press release. “I think this crossover between music and motorsports is gonna be a hit. The music just intensifies their amazing skills.”

Note this post is one of several to come in the coming days on MotorSportsTalk in the run-up to the season opener at Fort Lauderdale on May 31.