Button happy with refuelling return, but remains keen to see a tire war in F1


Jenson Button has given his support to a possible return of refuelling to Formula 1 for the 2017 season, believing that it will mix up the racing and improve the on-track spectacle.

Last week, the F1 Strategy Group confirmed that it was planning to reintroduce refuelling to the sport in 2017 after it was banned for the 2010 season.

Although opinion in the F1 community has been split over the decision, a number of drivers have expressed their support for the move, with Button telling NBCSN how those who raced with refuelling before will support its return.

“I think if you ask Fernando [Alonso], Kimi [Raikkonen], myself, [Felipe] Massa, the guys who were around ten years ago, we all loved refuelling,” Button said.

“It really mixed up the racing. If you had a bad start, you could change your strategy and still get a good result. It was just a lot of fun and it really added something.

“Obviously you had the safety aspect. That’s obviously something that’s very important, and maybe the reason why we’ve gone away from it, but I’m sure there are ways around that.”

Since refuelling was banned for the 2010 season, overtaking figures have risen dramatically, but Button feels that passes meant more without the use of DRS in F1.

“There were a lot of passes on track because people were running completely different fuel strategies,” Button said.

“Also when the passes were done then, it was more of a ‘wow look at that’, it wasn’t ‘he’s waiting for the DRS zone to happen’. 2004 for me was the best year in Formula 1 history.”

Button also said that he would like to see the return of a tire war to F1, given that the competition between current supplier Pirelli and a possible rival would increase the quality of the compounds that are produced.

“There are obvious reasons why Formula 1 has gone in the direction it has, and there are some very good things about F1 right now, but there are some things that need to be looked at,” he said.

“I feel that a tire war, for example, is great for the sport, and you see tire manufacturers at their best when they’re fighting against other tire manufacturers.”