Volkswagen Andretti pair of Foust, Speed seek better fortunes, consistency


Scott Speed won the most races in 2014 and Tanner Foust is arguably one of the most successful drivers in Red Bull Global Rallycross history.

Together, they look to bounce back from season-ending disappointment in their first full year with Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross’ pair of Volkswagen Beetles, which they’ll have for the full year in 2015.

The team completed a recent test in Germany (more here from the Red Bull GRC website).

Both drivers have said the change from the venerable but not great for GRC VW Polos to the Beetles have paid dividends, and the more fully developed cars should be better this year.

“It is infinitely nicer,” Speed told MotorSportsTalk at the Red Bull GRC media day in Long Beach. “It’s more in our control as well. There was a lot of stuff outside of our hands. It’s on us. We have to make it work. If it doesn’t, we fix it.”

Foust expanded more on the change in car.

“I will say the Polos went pretty quick once Andretti sprinkled some racing powder on them,” Foust told MotorSportsTalk. “Driving back-to-back with the Polo and the Beetle was night and day.

“The car is sorted. It does what you expect it to do lap after lap. You know how much mileage is left on every part, so you feel secure in the hardware, making it through heats and races … it’s a completely different experience.”

Asked what they could change for this year, both drivers had a common thread: luck.

“We have a better car than what we had to start and we got unbelievably unlucky with tons of mechanicals,” Speed said. “There were tons of stuff outside our control. Hopefully we have high expectations. I’m looking forward to getting started.”

Added Foust, “I think the car was not the quickest on the gravel. We’ve worked hard to get better dirt performance out of the car, speaking of the Beetle specifically.

“I think that when it came to us, it came to the men and women that built the Polos for VW. It was an incredibly strong car but not built for hand-to-hand combat. It got bumped and knocked. We could improve upon this structurally from a contact standpoint.”

Last year Speed finished third in points, with the series-high three wins, while Foust was ninth with one. Figure both should be in the top-five this year, with at least one if not both in title contention.