Travis Pastrana featured in CNBC’s “The New High: Extreme Sports” Thursday, 10 p.m. ET


Extreme sports legend Travis Pastrana, who heads up “Nitro Circus” when he’s not in a rally car, or participating in various Red Bull Global Rallycross events, will be featured in an upcoming documentary Thursday night on the rise of extreme sports in North America.

Pastrana speaks with CNBC correspondent Carl Quintanilla during the one-hour documentary, “The New High: Extreme Sports,” which premieres Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET on CNBC. A teaser clip – “Be the Golf Ball” – is linked here.

The documentary explores how the extreme has become mainstream in just the past few years as entirely new sports have been invented as more and more money, time and passion have been pumped into a rapidly developing industry.

CNBC spoke with Pastrana during a stop on his 40-city North American Nitro Circus tour, which is expected to bring in some $35 million in ticket sales. According to Pastrana, the secret to its appeal is three-part: “You go as fast as you can. You go as high as you can. You go as far as you can.”

There’s several other clips within the show of note; Pastrana, who has also competed in NASCAR beyond his rally events, ties in most to the motorsports arena.