Michelin confirms bid for 2017 F1 tire contract


One of the storylines that is occurring this week is which companies are or are not submitting a bid for the 2017 Formula 1 tire contact.

Nearly 10 years after its last year in F1 in 2006, Michelin seeks to get back in the game, having confirmed earlier this week it would launch a bid for the 2017 contract.

On Tuesday, Michelin confirmed their announcement via Twitter:

“We have submitted our proposal to . 18 inch of course and for the driver pleasure

The switch to the 18-inch tire would replace the current standard of 13 inches as in place by Pirelli.

Michelin has long been a proponent of welcoming competition in the series it competes in, so being a single supplier would run counter to that long-standing standard.

Michelin has spoken about its desire to re-enter the sport earlier this year, given the planned regulation changes.

Goodyear, which last supplied rubber to F1 in 1998, confirmed on Wednesday it would not submit a bid.