Report: Ferrari open to supplying engines to Red Bull


Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne has said that he is open to supplying engines to Red Bull Racing in the future should the team opt to cut ties with Renault.

Red Bull has openly criticized Renault on a number of occasions throughout the 2014 season for supplying an under-performing engine, which has left the team struggling in the midfield.

Brand owner Dietrich Mateschitz has even gone as far as issuing a quit threat, and said last week that he was losing interest in Formula 1.

The team’s current deal with Renault expires at the end of the 2016 season, but the French marque is known to be considering its own future in the sport, with a decision to be made by the end of the year.

As a result, a possible switch back to Ferrari engines has been mooted by some members of the paddock, with Red Bull last being powered by the Italian marque in 2006. Its B-team, Toro Rosso, had Ferrari engines until 2014.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend, Marchionne (pictured) confirmed that he would be open to supplying Red Bull with engines in the future.

“I have a lot of respect for Red Bull,” Marchionne is quoted as saying by Reuters.

“I think they’ve done a lot for the sport, they’ve had the world championship for a number of years. I think they will find their way again.

“If we can help them get there, we’d be more than glad to do it.

“I talk to everybody. It’s in our DNA, we’ve done it before. I think we can provide engines to any of the teams that want to race.”

Although Ferrari would perhaps be a better alternative to Renault for Red Bull right now, the move would see the team give up a great deal of control over its power unit to the Italian marque.

Given that Renault only supplies Red Bull and Toro Rosso, its partnership is more akin to that of a works team. If Red Bull were to move to Ferrari power units, though, it would once again be a customer team and would not enjoy any kind of power advantage.