Agag delighted to bring Formula E full circle with London finale


LONDON – When the checkered flag falls at the end of Sunday’s London ePrix in Battersea Park and the first season of FIA Formula E comes to an end, series CEO Alejandro Agag will have succeeded where many expected him to fail.

The prospect of an all-electric series certified by the FIA is one that created more questions than answers when it was conceived back in 2012.

However, it is one that has not only become a reality, but is also flourishing as it prepares for its season finale on Sunday.

“We are extremely happy to be here,” Agag said in a press conference on Friday. “Not only are we happy to be here racing in London, but we’re extremely happy to be here – now we can say that ‘we made it’. We made the first season of Formula E.

“I see our promoter from Long Beach there smiling – he didn’t think we would make it!” he continued, pointing at the back of the room and laughing. “But we did, and we’re very happy to be here.”

When asked by MotorSportsTalk what his outstanding moment of first season was, Agag was torn between two – one that has been and one that is to come.

“I think the best moment of the season for me was the start of the race in Beijing, when the lights went green and the cars went off,” Agag said.

“That was really for me the highest moment of the season, which will be followed by the end of the London race.

“What we wanted to achieve was the really put in motion this championship. Really the big challenge here was to get the ball rolling, to exist, to create Formula E, to do the whole season.

“Because that’s how we demonstrate that this can be done. This is a very good idea, and many companies and partners and people and supporters like the idea, but they wanted to see it there.”

With season one now in the books, Formula E will be looking to kick on and continue to flourish ahead of the start of the next campaign this fall.