Report: Jules Bianchi’s father “less optimistic,” describes “daily torture” about his condition


Jules Bianchi’s father Philippe has expressed more concerns regarding his son’s condition, more than nine months after Jules’ accident in the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix that has left him hospitalized in a coma.

Speaking in an interview with, Philippe Bianchi said the lack of much movement or recovery has been incredibly difficult to watch.

“It’s unbearable, it is a daily torture, it sometimes seems crazy because for me, it is certainly more terrible than if he had remained in the accident,” Philippe Bianchi said, translated, to

“In general, progress must be made in the first six months and then it’s been nine months and Jules is still not awake and there is no significant progress.

“The passing time, it makes me less optimistic than I could be two or three months after the accident or could hope for a better outcome.”

Bianchi suffered a diffuse axonal injury in his accident and has been hospitalized ever since.

Bianchi was in his second season of Formula 1 when his accident happened, and famously scored the Marussia team’s first ever points with ninth place at Monaco last season.