Rosberg: Driver coaching ban to make starts more exciting

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Nico Rosberg has backed the decision to ban driving coaching for the start sequence at Formula 1 grands prix, believing that it will lead to more unpredictable and exciting getaways in races.

Earlier this month, the F1 Strategy Group confirmed that it had pushed through plans to enforce new restrictions on driver aids and coaching, effective from the Belgian Grand Prix in August.

“Increased restrictions on driver aids and coaching received unanimous support and will be rapidly implemented, starting from this year’s Belgian Grand Prix – with a particular emphasis on race starts – and in 2016,” a statement read at the time.

“These measures will bring back the driver in full control of the car, enhancing races’ excitement and unpredictability.”

Speaking in Mercedes’ online Studio Show e-zine, Rosberg expressed his support for the move, believing that it will make race starts less predictable.

“It’s good,” Rosberg said. “It’s going to make it even more exciting, because it’s going to be even more in our hands to do a good start and more difficult.

“That will throw in a lot of variables. It will be much more difficult and much more difficult to predict the outcome of a start. Hopefully I can use it to my advantage.”

Defending world champion Lewis Hamilton explained the extra challenge that will now be posed at race starts, although he doesn’t believe that it will make a massive amount of difference.

“It doesn’t make a huge difference,” he said. “We still have the same responsibilities. When you do the start from the grid, normally the team can calculate how much grip there is and how much torque delivery the engine is giving.

“So for example, if you get too much torque you get wheelspin, if you get not enough, there’s no wheelspin it is a slow pull away. So the team will see that and tell you to turn the torque up or down.

“Now we can’t do that, and we can’t ourselves turn the torque up or down. There is such a differential between the first and the real start, there will be a lot of people getting bad starts. That’s probably about it.”