Maldonado annoyed by blame game following on-track incidents in F1


Pastor Maldonado is annoyed by his constant portrayal as the perpetrator of a number of on-track incidents in Formula 1, believing that the unjustified blame is tarnishing his image and concealing his talent.

Maldonado has been involved in a number of on-track incidents since making his Formula 1 debut back in 2011, earning himself the nickname “Crashtor” as well a website and a Twitter account tracking his escapades.

However, the Venezuelan driver believes that he is often the victim of unfair criticise, being blamed for incidents that he did not cause.

“Yes, I was responsible on some occasions,” Maldonado admitted to Brazil’s Globo Esporte.

“I remember an experience that made me laugh. This year in China, when Jenson [Button] hit the back of me, everyone said I was to blame, because whenever I’m involved everyone says I’m to blame.”

Maldonado was forced to retire after being hit by Button in the closing stages of the Chinese Grand Prix. The Briton was deemed to have caused the incident by the stewards, receiving a time penalty after the race.

“I read some stories that I was responsible and should have been punished by the stewards,” Maldonado said.

“There is always pressure from the media, whether I’m right or wrong. There is always something that tries to conceal my talent and tarnish my image.”

Maldonado also spoke about the collision between Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen at the start of the Austrian Grand Prix, believing that the reaction would have been very different had he been involved.

“Imagine if it was my car in the crash in Austria,” he said. “If I was involved, it would be a big scandal and there would be huge media pressure.

“This kind of thing is normal between drivers in F1. Everyone is competing, everybody wants to gain positions, they all want to do their best.

“Unfortunately it has happened to me not once, but on several occasions.”