Verstappen feeling no pressure in debut F1 season


Max Verstappen claims that he has not felt any pressure during his debut Formula 1 season despite entering the sport as its youngest ever driver.

Verstappen made his debut in Australia at the age of 17, smashing the existing record for the youngest driver by almost two years.

However, the Toro Rosso driver has not let his relative youth prevent him from making an impression on F1 in his first ten races.

His fourth place finish in Hungary three weeks ago was the best result scored by a Toro Rosso driver in almost seven years, which saw him rise to 11th in the drivers’ championship ahead of the summer break.

In an interview with the official F1 website, Verstappen explained how his good form has not eased the pressure he has felt as a rookie because he did not encounter any in the first place.

“For me I don’t feel less or more pressure,” Verstappen said. “To be honest I never really felt a lot of pressure, also at the start of the year.

“The first two races you take it a bit easier with overtaking. You want to finish races to get experience.

“When you get more confidence in the car you can do braver overtakes, and I think that’s getting better and better all the time.”

Verstappen also expressed his dismay over the current technical regulations in F1, believing that the sport should boast the loudest engines and not be dwarfed by feeder series GP2.

“Normally if you speak to people and say ‘F1’, it’s noise [they mention],” Verstappen said.

“Now we have F1 but with no noise. I think it’s just part of F1 – we should make the most noise of all cars, not GP2 cars.”