Alonso and Button hit with 55 places worth of grid penalties for Belgian GP


McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button have been hit with a combined total of 55 places worth of grid penalties for this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix due to changes made to their power units.

A number of problems with the Honda power units used by McLaren in 2015 has led to the team exceeding the seasonal component limit of five, making grid penalties a regular occurrence for Alonso and Button.

In Austria, the McLaren drivers both received 25-place penalties, meaning that they had to take penalties during the race as they could not serve all of the grid drop.

However, the team has now gone one step further by racking up a total of 55 places worth of penalties due to the changes made to the power units on Alonso and Button’s cars.

Alonso’s car is responsible for 30 of the 55 places as: “A 7th Internal Combustion Engine, 7th Turbo Charger, 7th MGU-H, 6th MGU-K, and 6th CE have been used”, as per the FIA stewards.

Button makes up the remaining 25 places after taking: “An 8th Turbo Charger, 8th MGU-H, 7th Internal Combustion Engine, and 7th MGU-K.”

Following a ruling by the FIA last month, drivers will no longer serve in-race penalties due to power unit penalties, limiting the damage for Button and Alonso to a back row start.

It is believed that Max Verstappen will also be hit with a grid penalty for this weekend’s race, due to be confirmed by the stewards tomorrow.