Pirelli: No structural issues with tires in Rosberg blowout


Pirelli has confirmed that there are no structural issues with its tires after conducting an investigation into the cause of Nico Rosberg’s tire blowout in practice for the Belgian Grand Prix on Friday.

Coming into the high-speed Blanchimont corner at over 300km/h, Rosberg suffered a right-rear tire failure that prompted safety concerns among some of the drivers at Spa.

Pirelli looked into the incident overnight, and confirmed ahead of qualifying on Saturday that the cause of Rosberg’s blowout had been a cut caused externally.

Here is Pirelli’s statement in full:

“After a full investigation which continued overnight into the issue which affected Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes yesterday, these are the conclusions:

  • There are no signs of structural integrity issue of the tire, neither on other tires used by Mercedes nor on tires used on other vehicles.
  • Video footage shows a tire problem on Rosberg’s car which is consistent with an external cut into the tire structure.
  • Quality data check on other tires has shown no anomalies.”

“We have conducted a thorough investigation to find out exactly what happened with Nico’s tire,” Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said.

“This investigation now excludes any structural integrity issues. Based on the information and data available an external source of damage is the conclusion made.”

In other safety-related news, the FIA confirmed on Saturday morning that a sausage kerb placed at the top of Eau Rouge to prevent corner cutting has been removed.

Drivers had raised concerns about the severity of the new kerb at such a quick corner, prompting the stewards to make a change to the track overnight.

“Further to the discussion in the meeting, and as a result of the change to the kerb in turn four, a report will only be made to the stewards if a driver has exceeded the track limits (principally but not limited to the areas behind the kerbs in turns 4 and 15), and is suspected of gaining an advantage from doing so,” a statement reads.