NBCSports.com set for redesign; Motors interface to change


This is year three of MotorSportsTalk on NBCSports.com and for the first time we, along with the rest of the Talk sites under the NBCSports.com umbrella, are getting a facelift.

This morning, the fully redesigned NBCSports.com launched. What that will mean from a Motors content standpoint is that rather than the motorsportstalk.nbcsports.com URL, it will be a simpler nbcsports.com/motor-sports landing page, and everything can be found via http://motorsports.nbcsports.com/.

Video also plays a key role in the update to the site, with streams now available on every story.

The site should be more mobile-friendly and additionally, there will be sport-specific scoreboards. So when you’re looking for Formula 1 qualifying or race results, for example, they’ll be at the top of the page where news stories are currently situated.

Here’s the breakdown of what to expect, usability-wise, on the new site:

  • An adaptable, responsive layout for four different screen sizes (desktop, tablet portrait and landscape, and mobile devices) for an optimal experience for all devices.
  • Articles feature infinite scrolling and a “story explorer” feature that allows users to quickly browse content.
  • A scoreboard ticker with team- and sport-focused imagery, optimized across desktop and tablets.
  • NBC Sports Live Extra will be prominently featured within the new site experience, which incorporates a site-wide live streaming schedule, direct links, and a TV listings component with fixed scrolling position.
  • The most up-to-date player news including injury reports, transactions, and stats from Rotoworld, which will be accessible in a dedicated team/player news section and integrated throughout many sections across the site.

Otherwise, stay tuned for the same level of high quality motors content, news, analysis and features from the MotorSportsTalk staff.