Singapore GP track intruder released on bail

© Getty Images

The man who walked onto the track during last month’s Singapore Grand Prix has been released on bail.

27-year-old British national Yogvitam Pravin Dhokia managed to beat security and step out onto the Marina Bay Street Circuit midway through the race, prompting officials to issue a safety car to avoid an accident.

Dhokia ambled onto the live race track before spotting the oncoming leader Sebastian Vettel, prompting him to run towards the inside wall from where he then tried to photograph the cars.

Security forces duly recovered Dhokia and arrested him, but the Briton could not afford to pay the bail sum at the time of his first hearing where he was charged with committing a rash act that endangered safety.

However, according to a report from The Strait TimesDhokia has now been released on bail in Singapore after paying the figure of S$15,000. He is to reside at a local hotel with his parents and must report to local officials every day. His travel documents have also been surrendered.

Dhokia will now face a pre-trial conference on October 16, and could face up to six months in prison for his misdemeanor.