United States Grand Prix at Austin past results for the 2015 field

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AUSTIN, Texas – With this the fourth United States Grand Prix at Austin, here’s a look through the field of who’s done what in the three previous editions of the race at Circuit of The Americas.

44-Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
2012: McLaren-Mercedes, Started 2nd, Finished 1st
2013: Mercedes, Started 5th, Finished 4th
2014: Mercedes, Started 2nd, Finished 1st

6-Nico Rosberg, Mercedes
2012: Mercedes, Started 17th, Finished 13th
2013: Mercedes, Started 12th, Finished 9th
2014: Mercedes, Started 1st, Finished 2nd

3-Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull-Renault
2012: Toro Rosso-Ferrari, Started 18th, Finished 12th
2013: Toro Rosso-Ferrari, Started 10th, Finished 11th
2014: Red Bull-Renault, Started 5th, Finished 3rd

26-Daniil Kvyat, Red Bull-Renault
2013: Did not participate (drove in FP1 for Toro Rosso)
2014: Toro Rosso-Renault, Started 17th, Finished 15th

5-Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari
2012: Red Bull-Renault, Started 1st, Finished 2nd
2013: Red Bull-Renault, Started 1st, Finished 1st
2014: Red Bull-Renault, Started 18th (pit lane), Finished 7th

7-Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari
2012: Lotus-Renault, Started 4th, Finished 6th
2013: Did not participate (injured)
2014: Ferrari, Started 8th, Finished 13th

19-Felipe Massa, Williams-Mercedes
2012: Ferrari, Started 11th, Finished 4th
2013: Ferrari, Started 13th, Finished 12th
2014: Williams-Mercedes, Started 4th, Finished 4th

77-Valtteri Bottas, Williams-Mercedes
2013: Williams-Renault, Started 9th, Finished 8th
2014: Williams-Mercedes, Started 3rd, Finished 5th

14-Fernando Alonso, McLaren-Honda
2012: Ferrari, Started 7th, Finished 3rd
2013: Ferrari, Started 6th, Finished 5th
2014: Ferrari, Started 6th, Finished 6th

22-Jenson Button, McLaren-Honda
2012: McLaren-Mercedes, Started 12th, Finished 5th
2013: McLaren-Mercedes, Started 15th, Finished 10th
2014: McLaren-Mercedes, Started 12th, Finished 12th

11-Sergio Perez, Force India-Mercedes
2012: Sauber-Ferrari, Started 15th, Finished 11th
2013: McLaren-Mercedes, Started 7th, Finished 7th
2014: Force India-Mercedes, Started 11th, DNF (17th, collision)

27-Nico Hulkenberg, Force India-Mercedes
2012: Force India-Mercedes, Started 6th, Finished 8th
2013: Sauber-Ferrari, Started 4th, Finished 6th
2014: Force India-Mercedes, Started 13th, DNF (16th, engine)

8-Romain Grosjean, Lotus-Mercedes
2012: Lotus-Renault, Started 4th, Finished 7th
2013: Lotus-Renault, Started 3rd, Finished 2nd
2014: Lotus-Renault, Started 16th, Finished 11th

13-Pastor Maldonado, Lotus-Mercedes
2012: Williams-Renault, Started 9th, Finished 9th
2013: Williams-Renault, Started 17th, Finished 17th
2014: Lotus-Renault, Started 10th, Finished 9th

33-Max Verstappen, Toro Rosso-Renault
2014: Did not participate (drove in FP1 for Toro Rosso)

55-Carlos Sainz Jr., Toro Rosso-Renault
2014: Did not participate (2015 marks track debut)

9-Marcus Ericsson, Sauber-Ferrari
2014: Did not participate (Caterham withdrawn)

12-Felipe Nasr, Sauber-Ferrari
2014: Did not participate (drove in FP1 for Williams)

28-Will Stevens, Manor Marussia-Ferrari
2014: Did not participate (Caterham withdrawn; 2015 marks track debut)

53-Alexander Rossi, Manor Marussia-Ferrari
2013: Did not participate (drove in FP1 for Caterham)
2014: Did not participate (Caterham and Marussia withdrawn)

Todd LeDuc advances two positions in Monster Jam Power Rankings

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Neil Elliott held onto the top spot in the Monster Jam Power Rankings, but he has a new driver sniffing his exhaust as Todd Leduc advanced two positions to second this week.

The Stadium Series Green continues to hold the advantage in the Power Rankings with Elliott topping the chart, Morgan Kane in fourth, and Ryan Anderson eighth, but there is an equitable distribution among the other series throughout the field.

Notably, Leduc and his Monster Energy truck in the Stadium Series Red closed the gap with a 38-point overall victory at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. Leduc achieved his win through consistency, pocketing the overall without winning a single individual event. Leduc’s best session was a second-place finish to Mike Vaters II in Overkill Evolution by .001 points.

Meanwhile on the West Coast, Elliott rambled on. Elliott won his sixth skills challenge in seven contests so far. That contributed to his 35 points for the event at PETCO Park in San Diego and allowed him to hold onto the No. 1 slot in the Monster Jam Power Rankings.

Colton Eichelberger also held station. Third last week, he entered the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on a mission in the Triple Threat Series Central. He topped the event points in all four events with timed race wins in each session, ATV race wins in three of the four, three wins in the speedster obstacle course, two freestyle wins and one win in the donut competitions.

MORE: Ryan Anderson and the anatomy of a Monster Jam freestyle run

Morgan Kane and Grave Digger had a rough night. He was ousted from the racing event in Round 2 by Max-D and Elliott. He failed to win either of the other two competitions of the night and ended with 29 points, which was a distant third to Ryan Anderson’s Son-Uva Digger (37) and Max-D (35).

Brandon Vinson moved up to the fifth position with three wins in the Triple Threat Series West. During the weekend he earned seven session wins, including a sweep of the speedster obstacle course and two victories in the two-wheel skills challenge.

Tom Meents debuted on the Monster Jam Power Rankings in 10th by winning the overall in back to back nights of the Stadium Series Yellow. The Saturday show can be seen Feb. 22 at 11:30 p.m. on NBCSN (click here for streaming). The highlight of Meents’ weekend were race wins on Saturday and Sunday, defeating Coty Saucier in a Monster Energy truck on Night 1 and Eric Swanson in Obsessed on Night 2.

Power Rankings

1. Neil Elliott–same
2. Todd LeDuc–up 2
3. Colton Eichelberger-same
4. Morgan Kane–down 2
5. Brandon Vinson–up 1
6. Tyler Menninga–up 1
7. Coty Saucier–down 2
8. Ryan Anderson–same
9. Linsey Read–up 1
10. Tom Meents-new for 2020

Upcoming TV Schedule (All showings on Eastern time on NBCSN)

Oakland: February 22 (Saturday); 11:30 p.m.
Miami: March 1 (Sunday); 12 a.m.
Jacksonville: March 9 (Monday); 6 p.m.
Detroit: March 21 (Saturday); 11 p.m.
Las Vegas: March 28 (Saturday); 7 p.m.
Santa Clara: April 11 (Saturday); 7 p.m.
Philadelphia: April 17 (Friday); 2:30 p.m.
Denver: April 25 (Saturday); 6:30 p.m.
Monster Jam World Finals Racing: May 9 (Saturday); 5 p.m.
Monster Jam World Finals: May 19 (Tuesday); 4 p.m.
Monster Jam World Freestyle: May 20 (Wednesday); 12 a.m.
Monster Jam World Finals: June 20 (Saturday); 2:30 p.m.