Checo’s Homecoming: Perez prepares for his first Mexican GP (VIDEO)

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Sergio Perez will realize a lifelong dream this weekend when he finally takes part in the Mexican Grand Prix, which returns to Formula 1 after a 23-year absence.

Since 1992, a great deal has changed for both F1 and Mexico, but the burgeoning passion that the nation has for motor racing has not wavered.

In fact, the success of Perez on-track has only bolstered it, promising that this weekend’s race will be a memorable one for all involved.

Back in January, Will Buxton and Jason Swales ventured to Mexico City for an episode of Off The Grid to see how the country was preparing to make its F1 return.

In this video, Perez takes Will for a ride around the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, the track that will host this weekend’s race, and talks about life growing up and racing in the heart of Mexico.

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