Hamilton: No need for talks with Rosberg over Austin clash

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Newly-crowned Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has dismissed the need for talks with Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg after their clash in last Sunday’s United States Grand Prix.

Hamilton made an aggressive pass on Rosberg at the start of the race in Austin, forcing the German wide at the first corner to seize the lead.

Rosberg dropped down to fourth, but managed to fight his way back to the front of the field before squandering his advantage over Hamilton with eight laps to go, allowing the Briton to win his third F1 title.

Rosberg made no secret of his annoyance after the race and said that he felt Hamilton’s pass was too aggressive, with further tensions arising when the two threw a podium cap at each other in the cool-down room before the podium.

The incidents prompted Mercedes F1 chief Toto Wolff to suggest talks be held between the drivers with the team, but when asked it ahead of this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix, Hamilton said that he did not see the need and that he would not be making any special effort to help Rosberg’s bid to finish the year as vice-champion.

“We haven’t spoken, not that I think we really need to,” Hamilton said. “The team has not asked me to support him in that role as I’m here to win the race.

“The team has won the constructors’ championship so I think from here on there’s not really a huge benefit for the team for me to start helping. We’ll see what Toto wants me to do.”

Hamilton suggested that Wolff is keen to speak with Rosberg so he can see where the German’s mindset currently is and help him end his barren run of form.

“The reason for me is just that I’m very easy going and so I never really have any problems,” Hamilton said when asked about the lack of need for talks.

“I think Toto feels that he needs to perhaps sit with Nico to see where his head’s at. Obviously we don’t want any tension in the team. Generally we do often come together and just keep it transparent.

“I don’t really have anything to say about it but of course I’m sure we will sit down and see what Nico’s feeling and whatever emotions he has and try and dilute them and then move on.

“In terms of the cap thing, I don’t know, it’s pretty funny so I don’t really have much else to say about it.”