Nürburgring keen for German GP to return in 2017

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The Nürburgring is engaged in talks with Formula 1 over hosting the German Grand Prix once again in 2017.

Having previously shared hosting rights with Hockenheim, the Nürburgring was unable to strike a deal with F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone to hold the race in 2015, causing it to drop off the calendar.

The German Grand Prix is set to return in 2016 at Hockenheim, but officials at the Nürburgring are still keen to sort an agreement that will allow it to host the race once again in 2017, having last done so two years ago.

“We strive for an F1 race in 2017 and are in proper discussions with Bernie Ecclestone,” Nürburgring CEO Carsten Schumacher confirmed in an interview with motorsport-total.com.

“The topic of Formula 1 is not off the table.”

Schumacher elaborated on the decision not to host the German Grand Prix in 2015, saying that although he regrets the absence of the race, it was the only course of action the track could take.

“We had long discussions about Formula 1 this year,” Schumacher said. “We were very committed to making sure we had a race, and I regret it did not happen at the end of the day, but we could not and would not bear the risks alone.

“Instead of Formula 1, we had the WEC race, which was an outstanding success.

“Of course, I have regrets for the fans, the region and also for us, the Formula 1 race could not take place, but in addition there is the business side.

“In retrospect, we have not met anyone who said we made a wrong decision.”