Hamilton unhurt after car accident in Monaco on Monday

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Lewis Hamilton will arrive in Brazil one day later than planned for this weekend’s Formula 1 grand prix after being involved in a car accident in Monaco on Monday.

Mercedes confirmed this morning that Hamilton would not be missing the race despite cancelling an appearance at a sponsor event on Wednesday due to illness.

However, the three-time F1 world champion has now revealed that as well as having a fever, he was also involved in a car accident on Monday while driving around the streets of Monaco.

In a post on his Instagram account, Hamilton confirmed that nobody was hurt in the accident where he made light contact with a stationary vehicle, but both Mercedes and his personal doctor urged him to take another rest day before travelling to Brazil.

“I’ve not been well with a fever but I also had a road accident in Monaco on Monday night,” Hamilton wrote in a post addressed to his fans.

“Whilst ultimately, it is nobody’s business, there are people knowing my position that will try to take advantage of the situation and make a quick buck. NO problem.

“Nobody was hurt, which is the most important thing. But the car was obviously damaged and I made very light contact with a stationary vehicle.

“Talking with the team and my doctor, we decided together that it was best for me to rest at home and leave a day later. But I am feeling better and am currently boarding the plane to Brazil.

“However, I am informing you because I feel we all must take responsibility for our actions. Mistakes happen to us all but what’s important is that we learn from them and grow.”

Hamilton arrives in Brazil with a third drivers’ championship already sewn up, and is now aiming to emulate his hero, Ayrton Senna, by winning at Interlagos.