Inside F1: NBC F1 crew heads to Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut

Screen cap via NBC Sports

Formula 1 fans in Connecticut will have a chance to see the F1 on NBC Sports crew at the Ridgefield Playhouse on Monday, November 30.

The release from Lime Rock Park is below:

Inside F1: 2015 Year in Review with NBC’s Leigh Diffey, David Hobbs and Steve Matchett
at the Ridgefield Playhouse Monday, November 30

The reason the Ridgefield Playhouse is a Lime Rock Drivers Club partner is because they get us.

Its managers and in particular its customers and patrons love cars, racing and its personalities.

Ridgefield Playhouse’s management is also connected…

…Australia to Abu Dhabi, Italy to Singapore, Russia to Japan – outside of the Olympic Games and the Soccer World Cup, Formula One is the most-watched televised sport in the world.

F1 is broadcast in the United States by NBC and NBCSN, and its commentary team of Leigh Diffey, David Hobbs and Steve Matchett take you well and truly behind the scenes in a very special presentation at the Ridgefield Playhouse Monday, November 30.

Join Diffey, Matchett and Hobbs at the Ridgefield Playhouse as they come right off the heels of the last F1 weekend (Abu Dhabi, November 29) for an exciting multimedia event. Un-aired footage and interviews, stories not necessarily suitable for broadcast and the inestimable humor the three are known for are all part of their 2015 F1 season review at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

Obviously, tickets are limited, so find your grid position, engage first gear on the box, and drop the hammer when the lights go out to buy your ticket to this unique evening at one of Connecticut’s finest arts, music, performance and movie venues.

Click on the image linked here to go to the Ridgefield Playhouse ticket page.