It’s December, and Pirelli has announced its 2016 Australian GP tires

Associated Press

The new 2016 tire regulations that see Pirelli’s compounds determined some 14 weeks in advance of a Grand Prix means that it’s December 11, and we’re finding out what tires Pirelli will bring to the 2016 Australian Grand Prix.

Instead of the usual two compounds as it has been in years past, next year’s Australian Grand Prix will be the first time three compounds will be brought to a Grand Prix.

Pirelli has confirmed the medium (white), soft (yellow) and supersoft (red) tires will make the voyage to Melbourne.

One set of mediums and softs are to be used in the race, as the prime and option tire compounds. Meanwhile one set of supersoft tires must be used in qualifying.

Pirelli’s full release can be found here.

Undoubtedly, it will take some getting used to figuring out which tires are needed for which events and which teams are running on which tires even more than normal under these regulations.