Lewis Hamilton goes in-depth on career, personal life on 60 Minutes

Associated Press

Three-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton usually keeps some elements of his private life to himself, although he has provided his fans a glimpse at some of his exploits in his social media channels.

But Sunday on CBS’ 60 Minutes, in a rare interview of an F1 driver by a major North American news program, the British driver opened up on a number of topics that are part of his world.

He spoke about how late F1 champ Ayrton Senna was his idol, how he studied Senna’s driving style and adopted it to his own skill set.

Hamilton also talked about his upcoming debut music album with host Charlie Rose.

“Music’s been a huge passion of mine since I was really young,” Hamilton told Rose. “I started playing guitar when I was 13.”

Working in the studio is kind of like driving an F1 car for Hamilton.

“In here, I can be me,” he said. “I can be vulnerable. I can show a side of me that people don’t get to see.

“… My work ethic is exactly the same here as it is on the race track. But it’s just here I can be me.”

Hamilton debuted parts of two songs on his upcoming debut album: “J’Adore” and “Lookin’ at You.”

I never thought in a million years that I would have people following me. You know, fans,” he said.

“I want to share it with them. I want to see what they think.”

Hamilton then took Rose on the wildest ride of his life at 140 mph inside a high-performance Mercedes sedan at the Silverstone Circuit. Rose also attended the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, where Hamilton dominated.

“It’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever had in terms of being inside of something that’s going fast,” Rose said. “You know, I didn’t feel any fear because I knew I was in the hands of a great driver.”

Here’s a fun fact: Hamilton revealed that his all-time favorite movie is “Cool Runnings,” the story of the Jamaican bobsled team that starred late comedic actor John Candy.

Hamilton definitely seemed to enjoy himself, calling the session “my favorite interview to date.”

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