Sauber asks for cost control, simpler F1 rules in “not-so-serious” letter to Santa

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Sauber has continued its call for change in Formula 1 by posting what it has dubbed a ‘not-so-serious’ letter to Santa on its website.

After facing great financial uncertainty over the past couple of years, Sauber has been one of the teams leading the push for a more even distribution of prize money in F1 and a greater say in the future of the series.

So just as millions of children all over the world will have sent their letters to Santa asking for presents, Sauber did the same on Christmas Eve – albeit with a few requests that the big man is unlikely to have received from many others.

In the letter, Sauber asks for a budget cap, a fairer share of prize money, an overhaul of the rules to make them simpler to understand, and a greater onus placed on fan views in the sport.

Here’s the letter in full.

Dear Santa

Merry Christmas! You and the elves must be very busy at this time fulfilling millions of wishes, and we hope someone is also taking care of yours.

We are not entirely sure whether you have TV or Internet access at the North Pole, but anyway you might know about Formula One, the pinnacle of motorsport… or, at least, that’s what it’s been for decades.

Nowadays, money is the dominant force that drives performance and, therefore, success for a team. We believe it should rather be creativity, talent and dedication by the employees, rather than money.

Your elves create the nicest gifts based on their creativity and talent, right? Do you budget for toys? How do you distribute this between the elves? Do you favour some elves over others?

We, at the Sauber F1 team, stand for a fair distribution of revenues by Formula One Management (FOM), which in turn improves the baseline for many teams.

For our Christmas wishes to come true, we do not need the hard work
of your elves… we need your supernatural powers! If you have some time, we would be extremely happy if you could have a look at our wish list:

1. Budget cap and fair distribution of FOM money: this will ensure that many F1 teams are more competitive, which will bring more excitement into the sport. That is what the Formula One fans want.

2. Simplified rules: currently the rules are too complex and difficult to understand (not so much for us, but for the fans).

3. Listening more to the wishes of the fans: This is important for our fans; they are important to us and, in the end, Formula One is worth nothing without them.

Sauber F1 Team

PS. If any of the other F1 teams wish for the opposite, shred their letters!