For sale on eBay: ‘Never wrecked’ 1999 Indy 500 Dallara

(Provided photo from eBay)

It might not pass technical inspection to compete in the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 in May, but for a mere $28,000, you can own a former 1999 Dallara IR9 IRL Indycar chassis.

And where else can you buy it, but eBay.

A seller with the name “bad_influence_hotrods” has the chassis up for sale on the auction site through this coming Sunday.

It’s generated quite a bit of interest: at this writing, 14 people are “watching” the ad, perhaps waiting for a last-minute price drop.

The seller is open to a “or best offer” if you think the $28k is a bit steep for your wallet.

One thing to note, though: while this car was raced in the 1999 Indy Racing League series, including that season’s Indy 500, it no longer has a motor.

But hey, if you can afford a Indy car chassis, what’s a few more thousand bucks for a motor, right?

Plus, the ad has a few more interesting tidbits:

1) It’s listed as both “Used” and “Never wrecked”

2) New “Dayglo STP orange” paint job

3) If you want it, you have to go pick it up in Cross Plains, Indiana, in the southern part of the Hoosier state. If you don’t know where Cross Plains is at, it’s between the towns of Correct, Friendship and Pleasant, Ind. (I know that area real well: I hit a deer – in a brand new SUV – near Cross Plains back in 2013, while on my way back from the NASCAR race at nearby Kentucky Speedway).

4) It’s all self-contained. As the ad states, “We have the headers and exhaust, radiator, oil cooler and carbon fibre ducts. You will need the engine, ECU and front calipers to complete.”

5) And it apparently comes with eBay’s Vehicle Purchase Protection program for the purchase.

Yes, but does the Dallara come with a CarFax report?

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