Red Bull Racing debuts new team logo, without Infiniti

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Red Bull Racing has rolled out a new logo for the 2016 Formula 1 season.

It’s missing something, though, that has adorned the cars since 2011 and the team name since 2013 – Infiniti signage.

Infiniti was positioned on the sidepods of the cars the last three seasons, taking up the prominent signage you’d expect to see Red Bull, in its role of title sponsor.

Both and still lead to the team’s website, although the simpler, Infiniti-free Red Bull Racing logo debuted today appears to clear the way for TAG Heuer signage if TAG so desires.

TAG joins Red Bull in 2016 following its 30-year run with McLaren, and will also be present as a rebrand of the team’s engines.

We’ll wait to see whether this new logo becomes permanent or whether it changes again, if TAG or another Red Bull-affiliated partner takes up the signage where Infiniti had been.