Report: Haas says he had “too much time” to prep for F1

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There’s two songs on Pink Floyd’s incomparable “Dark Side of the Moon” that are relevant regardless of the time, place, era or situation.

They are “Time” and “Money.”

And in Formula 1, generally speaking, you never seem to have enough of either.

Which is what makes Gene Haas’ comments about having “too much time” all the more abnormal to hear or read, especially as a new entrant into the sport.

But Haas claims that given there’s been nearly a full two years of laying the groundwork for Haas F1 Team’s 2016 debut, he’s almost had more time than he figured he would need to get everything sorted.

“We had too much time, actually,” Haas told Autosport.

“We probably had maybe three months more than what we really needed. But that provided us with the time to look at all the things we needed to order in, things like the technical trailers – it takes almost a year to build them all.

“That time gave us a benefit you don’t normally get.”

He added how the extra time has allowed him to get its Banbury factory, formerly Manor’s, fully updated and swapped out of past machinery.

All told, these are bold comments, because new teams in F1 generally don’t have it easy, and seem to run more on borrowed time than anything else.

Of the three newest teams in F1 that premiered in 2010, only Manor – initially Manor before morphing into Virgin, then Marussia, then back to Manor – still exists. Caterham and HRT are defunct.

USF1 of course never made it out of neutral to a single Grand Prix, and remains an inglorious mark in the checkered history between F1 and the U.S. market. It did live on though in a series of cartoons and bad toaster jokes.

Gene Haas is a smart man and he wouldn’t have the money he does to make this dream into reality if he didn’t know how to allocate the dollars – and the time – properly.

But I hope one day he doesn’t find that 10 years have got behind him, and if no one told him when to run, he misses the starting gun at Melbourne.

In other words, we hope the words don’t come back to bite him if the team launch isn’t as good as we all hope.