Pat Symonds expects F1 engines to be louder in 2016

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BIRMINGHAM – Williams chief technical officer Pat Symonds expects the existing V6 turbo power units in Formula 1 to be louder in 2016.

Since replacing the old V8 engines at the beginning of the 2014 season, the hybrid V6 power units have faced all manner of criticism from both fans and those in F1 due to their perceived lack of noise.

Attempts have been made to significantly increase the noise of the engines but have proven unsuccessful, prompting the World Motor Sport Council to amend the technical regulations for 2016 to aid the situation.

While some are still calling for a return to either V8 or V10 engines in the future, Symonds believes that the natural development of the existing power units will result in an increased sound for 2016.

“This is a natural progression,” Symonds said at the Autosport International show in Birmingham, England on Friday.

“A lot of the sound is a function of the cylinder pressure, so the higher that cylinder pressure, the more sound is coming out.

“But of course as the engines develop, the way you get the power is to get the cylinder pressures up. We’ve seen some quite significant increases since the beginning of 2014 with the pressures they were running, so the cars have got naturally louder.

“They will get naturally louder this year as well in addition to the changes that we made to the exhaust.”