Haas F1 Team set for February 22 launch

Getty Images

Haas F1 Team seems to be going about things in a low-key, “act like you’ve been there before” strategy. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it will have its launch of its first ever Formula 1 chassis the same way.

Haas will roll out the as-yet-unnamed chassis just prior to the first test this winter at Barcelona, on February 22.

Gene Haas explained the rollout strategy to reporters during last week’s NASCAR Media Tour in Charlotte.

“The idea is at the Barcelona practice. The car will be unveiled there,” Haas told reporters.

“The final assembly should be in Dallara, and then put over to Barcelona. You have to understand the engines are coming from Ferrari. The pieces will arrive from various places. They should all come together in Barcelona.

“I know we’ve done some testing of electronics, making sure we can communicate with ourselves, and there’s a lot of transponder. Ferrari has delivered some of the components, but I’m not sure about finished engines and components. Barcelona, we need to be ready to go.”

There’s a teaser of a livery out there, but this isn’t final. It was merely the team’s show car.

In some respects, you’d love to see Haas F1 Team go big with their arrival.

But by doing it quietly and as a part of the scenery, it shows a desire to fit in and get comfortable first – not stand out too much and make too big of a scene.

You can check F1 on NBC pit reporter/insider Will Buxton’s thoughts on that in the below sequence of tweets: