Report: Ferrari to add retro element to 2016 F1 livery

© Getty Images

Ferrari could be set to add a retro element to its livery for the 2016 Formula 1 season by adding more white to its car, according to a report in the Italian press.

F1 Analisi Tecnica reports that Ferrari will hark back to its 1993 car, the F93A, by adding a white band around the cockpit area.

In recent years, the F1 cars coming out of Maranello have featured white elements on the front and rear wing, as well as incorporating a white trim to combine with the largely red design.

However, should this report prove to be true, the new car – currently codenamed project 667 – will feature a design that makes a clear break with those seen in recent years.

The report also claims that Ferrari will launch its car online on February 19 ahead of pre-season testing, set to start on February 22 in Barcelona. However, this is still to be confirmed by the team.