Daniel Ricciardo calls online F1 car launches ‘artificial’

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Daniel Ricciardo believes that more Formula 1 teams should hold more sizeable launch events for their cars, saying that online unveils are “artificial” for fans.

Red Bull revealed its new livery for the 2016 F1 season at an event in London on Wednesday, making it the only team to hold an actual launch event this year.

Williams and Ferrari have both revealed their new cars online, while the majority of teams will simply lift the covers off the car in the pit lane ahead of the first pre-season test in Barcelona on Monday morning.

When asked by MotorSportsTalk about whether proper launch events were dying out, Ricciardo criticized the online unveils for being too artificial.

“I think the online stuff is… It’s not the right word, but you know what I mean when I say that it’s desensitised – like it’s sort of artificial I guess,” Ricciardo said.

“This is cool, and even though the 2016 car itself is going through all the crash tests and that at the moment, but to still show off the livery, the image and the brand and everything, it’s all cool.

“I think pre-season is so long and there’s so much nothingness than happens, that it’s cool to have an event to launch it. It gives not only us something to do, but also media and fans something to do, something to look forward to.

“So sure it’s a bit more expensive than posting a picture online, but I don’t think you get anything out of posting a picture online.”

Ricciardo will get his first run in the Red Bull RB12 car on Monday in Barcelona with the beginning of collective pre-season testing.