Gene Haas aiming to attend half the F1 races in 2016

© Getty Images

New Formula 1 team owner Gene Haas expects to attend around half of this year’s grands prix as he balances his various motorsport commitments.

NASCAR team co-owner Haas has spent much of the past two years preparing to enter F1 with his eponymous team, with its first public on-track run coming on Monday in Barcelona.

Haas met with the media following this first run on Tuesday, and said that he plans to attend roughly half of the 21 races on the 2016 calendar.

“If I can attend half I’d be very happy, kind of a goal,” Haas said.

“The travel is the tough one, so many places to go, depends how well we do! If we do well maybe I’ll attend more.”

Haas spoke about his first impressions of the Formula 1 paddock, and was asked how it compared to what he was used to in NASCAR.

“I’ve actually known about Formula 1 for a long time. Since Ken Anderson and USF1 I’ve paid attention to it, so I feel familiar with it,” Haas said.

“It feels very comfortable. I don’t think things are done here that are really totally different. Racers kind of tend to be racers, they do the same thing.

“Everything is different but at the same time it’s the same. I don’t feel that I’m a fish out of water. I feel like this would be a NASCAR race. It’s just that your cars look different.”