Grosjean: Racing for Ferrari a dream, but Haas the focus right now

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Romain Grosjean has said that although he does dream of one day racing for Ferrari in Formula 1, he is determined to make the new Haas team successful and take it up the grid.

Grosjean walked away from Lotus to join Haas F1 Team for 2016, established by NASCAR team co-owner Gene Haas.

Haas will enjoy a technical partnership with Ferrari in F1, using its power unit, gearbox, and suspension among other parts.

Grosjean has been considered by Ferrari as a driver option in the past, leading to questions about the motivation for moving to Haas, and whether he was using it as a stepping stone to one day join the Italian manufacturer.

Speaking to MotorSportsTalk in Barcelona earlier this week, Grosjean admitted that – like most drivers – he does dream of racing for Ferrari one day, but is fully focused on making Haas successful right now.

“I think when you are five years old and you start go-karting, Ferrari is the dream,” Grosjean said.

“Yes, Ferrari one day is a dream. But now I’m starting a season with 21 grands prix, a new team. I want to make it successful.

“I think for Formula 1, for the team, for myself, for everyone’s image, to be successful would be something unbelievable. The support we could get in the U.S. would be huge.

“Right now I’m here, wearing gray, having a car which I think has really good potential, and being ready for a season.”

Grosjean was full of praise for the parts supplied by Ferrari to Haas, saying that they were the best he had seen throughout his racing career.

“The suspension, the engine, the gearbox – all the parts we get from Ferrari are strong parts, are good parts – probably the best I’ve seen ever, the way they are built,” Grosjean said.

“It shows that it is a brand new team but we’ve got the resources and knowledge in the car.”