Haas set for engine updates ahead of Australian GP

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The new Haas Formula 1 Team is set to receive a boost ahead of the opening race of the season in Australia courtesy of an update to its Ferrari power unit.

NASCAR team co-owner Gene Haas saw his eponymous F1 team make its on-track debut earlier this week in Barcelona after over two years of preparation.

The Haas VF-16 enjoyed a solid first run without any major issues, but is set to receive an updated power unit ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

“From what I understand the engine package we’re running right now is not the engine package we’re going to be running in Melbourne,” team owner Haas said.

“These are more just test packages so the engine will vary a little bit. Obviously the chassis are already homologated so they’re going to be there.

“I don’t think there’s really going to be much different to what you see in Melbourne. Maybe the front wing will change a little bit from the reliability issues we had, but I think what you see here is what’s going to run in Melbourne.”

Team principal Günther Steiner echoed Haas’ comments regarding the chassis, saying that the team would not be making any major changes without understanding what it is already working with first.

“We are not one of the big teams that brings a completely new package to Melbourne. We want to get this one developed, understood,” Steiner said.

“We are three days old, so we’ve got a lot to learn what we’ve got here, so there’s no point to bring anything new if we haven’t understood fully what we have got.”