Hamilton, Rosberg haven’t discussed new Mercedes F1 car much

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Lewis Hamilton says that he has not spoken much with Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg about the new W07 Formula 1 car, but is comfortable with their working relationship ahead of the 2016 season.

Mercedes’ unveiled its new challenger on Monday before spending four days testing in Barcelona, racking up almost 2,000 miles in an ominous display.

Hamilton and Rosberg split running on Wednesday and Thursday, but the Briton said that they had not discussed the new car very much.

“We’ve not really spoken. We generally see each other at the debrief – he’s sitting there and I’m sitting here. We don’t really discuss it,” Hamilton told reporters.

“I was in the garage this morning watching him. I just stood and listened to some of the comments he was making to the engineer.

“There’s nothing really to talk about. When we make our comments about it, we can say whether we agree or disagree, and a lot of the time when we’re doing that debrief, I’ll feel the same thing as Nico’s feeling, or he’ll feel exactly the same thing.

“So we’re talking about the same issue and we kind of cement so the guys can focus on it. I think we have a generally really good working relationship in that sense.”

In a separate interview with the F1 website, Hamilton said that he felt the rivalry between himself and Rosberg was overplayed in public, but that there was friction between them.

“It is there, but it is a small fire that everybody pours a lot of gasoline on to make it bigger,” Hamilton said.

“And then, of course, also me and Nico, we unintentionally pour more gasoline on to the fire depending on who is winning a race.

“So it is real – a real competition.”