Magnussen considered IndyCar, DTM moves for 2016

© Renault

Kevin Magnussen has revealed that he considered moving into IndyCar and DTM for 2016 before being handed a lifeline in Formula 1 by Renault.

Magnussen was dropped from his McLaren race seat after just one year at the end of 2014 to make way for Fernando Alonso, resigning the Dane to spending 2015 in a reserve role.

McLaren released Magnussen from his contract for 2016, allowing him to test Porsche’s LMP1 car and for Mercedes in DTM as he evaluated his racing options.

Following Pastor Maldonado’s loss of backing from the Venezuelan government, Renault approached Magnussen about returning to F1, with his arrival being confirmed at the beginning of the month.

Speaking to the official F1 website, Magnussen said that he considered moves into both IndyCar and DTM for 2016, and came close to signing a deal to race in the latter.

“Of course Formula 1 was top of my list and of course you knock on every door,” Magnussen said.

“I always saw possibilities, but a possibility is not really what would make my day – just being there. So I also risked a look at DTM and IndyCar.

“In fact I was very close to DTM. As an alternative I found it pretty tempting. I always had sort of a crush on DTM.

“And believe me: I am just glad that none of this happened, that I didn’t panic and sign a contract that was not my absolute choice, that I had the guts to sit quiet and wait for something better.

“And I can say that now I am exactly where I wanted to be.”