Steiner impartial over future direction of Formula 1

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Haas team principal Günther Steiner remains impartial over the future direction of Formula 1 following the latest F1 Commission meeting in Geneva earlier this week.

Officials met to discuss proposed changes to F1, agreeing to a new format for qualifying and the delaying of any decision about the new technical regulations.

It was only Steiner’s second F1 Commission meeting, and he explained how he remained impartial over the ideas proposed by the other members of the body, such as making cars three seconds per lap quicker for 2017.

“I think I’m very impartial on that one,” Steiner said.

“We have got a lot to do here. We haven’t got a lot of influence in that process, and we shouldn’t because we were the last ones in. So we go along with whatever comes out. We’re not against it, we are OK.

“Whatever happens in the moment we are good with it. Whatever was proposed, the different options, we were against none of them. We would have been OK with any of them.”

Steiner explained how he felt more comfortable leaving the decisions to those who had spent more time working on them.

“I was on my second F1 Commission, my first one was on the 18th of January. The Technical Working Group, I think we started to go in December,” Steiner said.

“So we didn’t know the details so you have to trust other people who have been there a long time that they take the right decisions as well. They spend time investigating it.”

Haas is understood to have been one of three abstentions over the new qualifying format that was otherwise overwhelmingly approved by F1 Commission earlier this week.