Social roundup: IndyCar testing at Sebring

Hawksworth and Pigot. Photo: IndyCar

If you live in Florida, then your race season pretty much runs from October through about March.

Therefore, if you don’t live in Florida, you get jealous of the people who do live in Florida this time of year. Because chances are, they’re warmer than you, they’re laughing at how cold you are, and they have easier access to looking at race cars on track during the dead of winter.

This preamble serves as the point of saying when you live in the Midwest, and have access to family in Phoenix, it becomes easier to go to Phoenix for testing than going to Florida, especially when you’re going to be going to Florida in about a week anyway for the Verizon IndyCar Series season opener at St. Petersburg.

And it also provides the setup for this latest social roundup, as drivers and teams have posted myriad images and tweets across social media from two days of testing in Sebring.

Between yesterday and today, the IndyCar field has been to the short road course for the final rounds of preseason testing prior to the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, which runs March 13. By no means exhaustive, here’s what’s been going on down in Sebring: