Pirelli confirms tire allocation for European Grand Prix

© Pirelli

Pirelli has confirmed its tire picks for the upcoming European Grand Prix at the new Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan will host its maiden Formula 1 race on June 19 as the European Grand Prix returns to the calendar for the first time since 2012 when it was held in Valencia, Spain.

Last week, the race organizers in Baku released a preview video of what the street circuit will look like, and we now have another piece of the jigsaw with Pirelli’s tire allocations.

The Italian tire supplier confirmed today that it will be taking the medium, soft and super-soft compounds to Baku, opting to pass on the new ultra-soft design.

Despite being designed for street circuits such as the one in Baku, it appears that Pirelli is looking to play it safe for the inaugural race.

The ultra-soft tire has thus far only been confirmed for the Canadian Grand Prix the week before Azerbaijan, but will make its debut in Monaco.

The allocation for both Spain and Monaco is still to be announced due to the shorter deadline of eight weeks compared to flyaway races (14 weeks).

2016 F1 season Tire Allocations

Australia – medium/soft/super-soft
Bahrain – medium/soft/super-soft
China – medium/soft/super-soft
Russia – medium/soft/super-soft
Spain – TBA
Monaco – TBA
Canada – soft/super-soft/ultra-soft
Europe (Azerbaijan) – medium/soft/super-soft