Rising Star Racing rolls out its version of Egg Russian Roulette (VIDEO)

Photo courtesy Rising Star Racing

If you’ve ever seen The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on NBC, you know Fallon’s got a propensity for being a jokester and putting together some hilarious comedic sketches.

One such sketch is “Egg Russian Roulette,” which is pretty straightforward. Fallon has either one or two guests, a box of eggs where some are hardboiled and others are raw.

It then follows where a competition occurs to see which one draws the raw egg, and smashes it on their face. Here’s a recent episode with Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson.

So, with this idea out there, what better way for the Rising Star Racing trio of mentor Josef Newgarden, then Rising Star Racing drivers Spencer Pigot and Neil Alberico, to kick off the 2016 season with their own version?

Newgarden plays Fallon’s role as host, with Pigot and Alberico pitted against each other.

Here’s the results: