Pirelli makes F1 tire picks for Spanish Grand Prix

© Pirelli

Pirelli has announced that it will take its three hardest compounds to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix on May 15.

Following an amendment of the tire regulations in Formula 1 for 2016 and the addition of a fifth dry compound to its range, Pirelli now gives teams a choice of three at each race.

The selections for all of the flyaway races up to the European Grand Prix in June have already been made, with the non-European round having a 14-week deadline.

With eight weeks to go until the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Pirelli today confirmed that it will be taking the hard, medium and soft tires to the race.

Drivers will take 13 sets of tires to each race, and are required to use a set of softs in Q3 should they reach it, and then use either a set of hards or mediums during the race.

2016 Formula 1 season tire allocations so far

Australia – medium/soft/super-soft
Bahrain – medium/soft/super-soft
China – medium/soft/super-soft
Russia – medium/soft/super-soft
Spain – hard/medium/soft
Monaco – TBA
Canada – soft/super-soft/ultra-soft
Europe (Azerbaijan) – medium/soft/super-soft