Alonso would regret leaving Ferrari if it wins 2016 F1 title

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Fernando Alonso has conceded that he would have regrets over leaving Ferrari if it wins the Formula 1 title in 2016.

Alonso experienced an acrimonious split with the Italian manufacturer at the end of 2014, walking away from Maranello before his contract had expired.

The Spaniard has struggled since returning to McLaren as issues with the team’s Honda power unit limited him to just two points finishes across the course of the 2015 season.

Heading into 2016, Alonso has higher hopes for McLaren after a winter of work at Honda, but admitted that he would think about what could have been should Ferrari win the title in 2016.

“If they win the championship, probably yes,” Alonso said when asked if he might come to regret his move.

“Because I had a contract last year and this year with them, so if they win the championship this year, I probably will feel that I could have had that opportunity as well if I was able to drive as good as the champion if they win.

“So that will be the case, but this is a big if.”

Alonso is confident that Honda has made big progress with its power unit over the winter, telling NBC Sports in a separate interview that many of the major issues of 2015 have been solved.

“I think we have a lot of things to solve. That’s the thing we cannot forget,” Alonso said.

“We had reliability issues, we had deployment issues and performance issues. I think most of them are solved and still some of the performance that we need to unlock and we need to find.

“But I think the step has been quite big and I’m happy.”