Horner: F1 should apologize to fans for qualifying farce

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Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner believes that Formula 1 should apologize to fans following a farcical debut of the new qualifying format in Australia.

After being unanimously approved by the F1 Commission in Geneva late last month, the new mblimination-style qualifying format made its debut in Melbourne on Saturday.

However, it failed to improve the on-track spectacle or shake up the grid, and only bred confusion among those inside and outside of the paddock.

Many have already called for the format to be scrapped after just a single race, and Horner supported acting swiftly in a bid to remedy its problems.

“For me, this new qualifying system did not work and really we should apologize to the fans,” Horner said.

“We have not put on a show for them at all today which is a shame, especially for the first race of the season.

“It’s not good for qualifying to be done with five minutes to go, drivers and cars need to be out on track fighting for pole up until the last second.

“We should accept that we tried it, it didn’t work and the important thing is we learn from it and address it quickly. Qualifying needs to build up to a crescendo, not what we saw here today.”