Red Bull offers preview of proposed F1 canopy design

© Red Bull

Red Bull Racing has revealed its proposed canopy design for Formula 1 as the push to improve cockpit safety continues.

Following the deaths of F1 driver Jules Bianchi and IndyCar’s Justin Wilson in 2015 from head injuries sustained while racing, cockpit safety has been high on the FIA’s agenda.

Teams were asked to come forward with proposed solutions to cockpit protection, with the Mercedes-designed ‘Halo’ making its on-track debut in Barcelona earlier this month.

The ‘Halo’ split opinion, with many drivers criticizing its appearance when bolted on to the cockpit, while others raised concerns about in-car visibility.

Red Bull has been working on an alternative solution for some time, and on Saturday tweeted out a sneak peek of what their concept looks like.

Acting more like a windscreen, the canopy appears better-placed than the ‘Halo’ to prevent smaller debris from entering the cockpit. However, there is no protection for the top of the driver’s helmet.

FIA race director Charlie Whiting said on Friday that the ‘Halo’ remained the front-runner for F1, believing that Red Bull’s concept was further behind in the development and testing process.

“The Red Bull is an alternative to that. It’s considerably further behind in development, it’s never been tested, but it could offer additional protection,” Whiting said.

“I’ve got my doubts as to whether it could actually be implemented for 2017, whereas I think the ‘Halo’ could.”