Alonso happy to be alive after horror crash in Australia


Fernando Alonso admitted that he feels lucky to be alive after walking away unharmed from a terrifying crash during Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso ran over the back of Esteban Gutierrez’s Haas car on lap 18 of the race in Australia, causing his car to spear into the wall at high speed.

The McLaren was then tossed into the air when it dug into the gravel trap before coming to rest upside down against the wall at Turn 3.

Alonso was able to clamber out of his car and walk away unscathed, but admitted after the race that he felt lucky to be alive such was the severity of the crash.

“I feel OK. It’s frustrating on one side because we lost an opportunity and probably we lost a power unit and the whole car because of the damage,” Alonso told NBC Sports.

“The second point is that I’m super happy I’m alive. I’m talking to you and I’m so, so thankful to the FIA and the safety of the cars that we have right now. Try to learn from today and try not to repeat it.”

When asked what he remembered of the incident, Alonso said: “I remember everything unfortunately. It would be nice to delete it.

“It was quite slow in the car, everything that happened because you are flying and you are bouncing around, you see the sky and then you see the ground and you see the sky. You don’t know exactly where you are.

“You keep moving and you want to stop. Then the car stopped and I saw a little space to go out and I said I’ll go out quickly. My Mom will watch on TV so I’ll want to be out quite quickly and say that I’m OK. It was quite a big one.”