Grosjean, Gutierrez have discussed NASCAR try-out with Gene Haas

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Formula 1 drivers Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez are both keen to try out a Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR in the future, having both discussed doing so with team boss Gene Haas.

Stewart-Haas Racing team co-owner Gene Haas saw his new F1 operation get off to a flying start in Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix as Grosjean charged from 19th on the grid to finish sixth.

Not only did Haas F1 Team become the first to race in a grand prix under the American flag in 30 years, but it also was the first start-up project to score points on debut since Toyota in 2002.

However, both Grosjean and Gutierrez are looking to take full advantage of being part of the Haas family and try their hand in a SHR NASCAR in the future.

“No worries, I’m happy to do that! Yeah, it would be fun,” Grosjean told NBC Sports.

When asked if talks had taken place with Haas about a NASCAR try-out, Grosjean said: “Yes! Yes!

“I don’t know [when], whenever we can, but it would be brilliant. I’ve sat in one of their cars when I went to the workshop in Kannapolis. It looks big. But it would be amazing.

“I think they did it a few years ago [Kurt Busch racing in the 2014 Indianapolis 500] and it would be nice to do it again. It would be a cross-interest between two racing categories.”

Gutierrez also expressed an interest in trying out a NASCAR in the future, before saying that he too had spoken to Haas about doing so.

“It would be very interesting to do as an activity and to try the car, imagine the difference,” Gutierrez said to NBC Sports.

“From time to time we do [discuss it],” he added.

Gutierrez also believes that some of the experience Haas will bring from NASCAR to F1 could aid others in the series to open up to new approaches, particularly when it comes to commincations and team management.

“Technically, it’s very different to NASCAR. You cannot compare it,” Gutierrez said. “The approach that they have in terms of the business model of the team is very good, to make a team out of nothing.

“Communication-wise, it is very different in the approach and experience they bring from NASCAR. The knowledge that they bring from NASCAR will help to change a bit the approach of many teams that they have here in Europe.

“So it can only be good for Formula 1.”